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About Us


ICOBIGE "International Conference on Banking Industry and Global Economy” as the first scientific NGOs specialized in the field of money and banking was formed on July 2010.

The Goal of these conferences is to create a constructive Interaction among banks and internal and international non-banking financial institutes, and to flourish the banking industry among the activists in the monetary market and other markets and finally to form a platform for gathering different viewpoints which can lead to help the banking system.

Value creation for shareholders and stakeholders of the banks from one hand and contributing to the development of banking and financial system of the country, according to national and international economic conditions and the opportunities and challenges on the other hand, is achieved by the scientific, technical and expert in ICOBIGE with regard to the structure, vision and missions for the organization planned, designed, implemented and conducted.


There are 3 parts in ICOBIGE organization: executive and logistic affairs, Planning affairs and administrative affairs. In addition there is a scientific board which helps the permanent secretariat to achieve the conferences’ goals.


In next five years, ICOBIGE will be an independent, authentic and trusted organization in banking system, and it will be determined as valuable growing institute to serve its mission.


To Contribute to development of banking and financial system, in order to contribute effectively as private entity in sustainable development and a commitment to social responsibility by:

  • Hold International conferences, workshops and seminars in the field of "banking industry and the global economy".
  • Create a constructive interaction between banks and local and international non-banking financial institute.
  • Promote the role of social responsibility in the knowledge of the Iranian banking.
  • Contribute in professional development of Iranian bankers and align it with international knowledge.
  • Compilation and Translation of related books of the economy and banking subjects in order to developing specialist knowledge of the country.
  • Publication of specialized scientific achievements of the Secretariat through the ICOBIGE website in purpose of dissemination of knowledge in society and for target groups. 

Necessity of Activity:

Now a day, "learning" matters more than any other subjects: to absorb how to learn from others and their behavior and if we have something to teach, share it with the others.

If the "principle of learning" doesn't become a public demands and beliefs, learning organization will not form, theretofore development of these organizations and learning society won't emerge. Our country has the need of learning now more than ever. ICOBIGE missions such as: Conducting scientific and technical seminars with regards to anticipated plans, particularly the ability of the topics to communicate with others outside of the country in order to exchanging knowledge and experiences, would utilize the way of learning organization faster than it was predicted.Iran's economy has formed, based on banks (Money market). Even with the full extension of the capital market, the volume of money market is still more than a few times of capital market in our country. However due to the characteristic of interest-free banking regulations and new definition of banking system under this regulations, supervision of the capital market in this action is directly or indirectly the bank responsibility. So the subject of learning in order to transform the banking system and structural changes in this area – it is possible to positively transform the country's economy, causing interactions – Require scientific interactions in domestic and foreign scenes. 

ICOBIGE's activities:

  • First Icobige International conference:

First conference of the series of “Annual International Banking Industry and Global Economy Conferences” with the subject of “Banking Industry & Recent Economic & Financial Crisis: Causes, Lessons and Policies” took place on July 3rd and 4th 2011 at IRIB int’l conference center with the cooperation of 24 government and private banks, ministry of economic affairs and finance of I.R.I., Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran, ministry of foreign affairs of I.R.I., Iran Banking Institute, Monetary and banking research institute, faculty of Economy, and Rural development of Tehran University, Iran chamber of commerce, industries and mines, Tehran stock exchange Organization and the eager students and young researchers.

  • Training Workshop:

Create sustainable value chain for bank customers, 2011.

  • Specialized Seminar:

Compare regulations of the Basel Committee and Financial Services Committee Seminar, 2011.

  • Specialized Seminar:

Factors which shaping the financial economic crisis on 2008-2010 and the role of banking system to create and control it, 2011.

  • Second ICOBIGE international Conference:

Second conference of ICOBIGE on Banking System & economic development, October 21-22, 2014

  1. There were two Panel discussions in this conference: " Strategic Alliance Bank , necessity or choice"
  2. "Challenges and opportunities of the Iranian banking system."    


  • "Digital evolution in banking and payment system" seminar on July 2015
  • Educational tour of “GITEX 2015” exhibition & visit the 24/7 branch of commercial of Dubai “CBD”
  •  Memorandum of Understanding between Permanent Secretariat of ICOBIGE and HDBW (Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft)
  • Memorandum of Understanding between Permanent Secretariat of ICOBIGE and Prototype Interactive Co. to digitally plan and deliver projects for Iranian banks
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